About Great Family Values

Great Family Values is a localized Direct Mail Advertisement Magazine & Website that offers access to local coupons, family related information, stories, Tips, etc. Our first location (Zone) is Manalapan-Englishtown and Marlboro, NJ. Stay tuned for the magazine launch…

Great Family Values Contributors


Katelyn Richards

Katelyn Richards is a full time Mommy among other things. She is currently mastering the art of staying fabulous & well balanced while ensuring her daughter the same status. She is a savvy young woman with champagne taste making the most of her Budweiser budget. She has worked in the financial service industry for 13+ years. She also has experience in fashion blogging, health and wellness blogging, and personal shopping. The skill set that she has developed in the corporate environment, and her experience with blogging and giving fashion advice translate well into the life-coaching arena. Katelyn is somewhat of what they may call a “health-freak”, although she much prefers the term “naturalista”. However, her attitude is, “call it what you want, I just don’t want any of that nonsense in our food, kindly”. Katelyn is active in her church and family-oriented. She is viewed by those who know her as a “go-to” resource for beauty, health, and fashion advice. Uplifting others is a passion of hers, and strategically spreading love, health and fabulousity is her method.

Carolyn Wasielewski

Carolyn Wasielewski

Health and fitness have been a lifelong passion for me. I believe that even slight changes can lead to significant improvements in our lives. Based on that belief, I am committed to spreading awareness about exercise and practical cost-effective ways to manage our nutrition for optimal health. Join me on an exciting journey to learn how to adopt a natural approach to wellness by using food as medicine. We truly are what we eat and additionally, what we absorb. Incorporating simple lifestyle changes are vital to well-being and longevity.