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Great, you have decided to join our family!…

Please go to bottom right of website (4th Column) and Register.  You will get an e-mail with your password.  Then come back to Great Family Values and sign in fill out your profile (Click Here to view screenshot), then go to add new item (**Note Your business listing will show as item in back end while creating business listing) (Click Here to view screenshot) and fill out all necessary information about your business…You can also add events the same way by clicking add new event in the Events Pro tab!

Below is a set of step by step instructions for creating your business listing. We suggest printing these out (Click Here) or opening and pasting it in to a new browser to refer back to if you get stuck. If you would like us to create the listing for you simply Click Here or the “Let Us List It” button above and fill out the simplified form. There is a $15 fee for this option.

Also note that Coupon or Special Offer information must be submitted to Coupons@GreatFamilyValues.com. (Please Include Listing Name & Contact info). But don’t worry, a representative will contact you after you create your listing to address this.


FREE TRIAL TERMS AND INFORMATION Free Trial Business Listing Includes:
• 1 Business Listing on GreatFamilyValues.com
• 3 Image uploads (Including Logo)
• 1- 30 second video
• 1 Coupon or Special Offer (Until August 31st)
E-mail coupon Information to: Coupons@GreatFamilyValues.com Please Include Listing Name & Contact info Trial Terms and Additional Fees – After trial period, Full Listings (Includes Coupons & Offers) will be billed at $24.99 per month. Your basic listing will remain. Videos (up to 45sec): – $10 per video upload (Up to 2 videos) – 3-5 videos add $10 per upload Plus $4.99 month Images (up to 15): – Additional images will be billed $5 per upload. We Set it up (You supply the info we build it): – $15 per Listing (Set-up only)